Episode IV - The T-Shirt Bordello Story

Like all great stories we are starting in the middle.

The tshirtbordello story begins early 2006 in Jacksonville Florida. Inspired by a group of friends that I regularly meet up with to play games and discuss geek culture, drink lots of coffee and of course critique our most recent tee purchases.

"We want to become an underground brand for people who think outside the Big Box"

The idea of starting our own shirt company was something we batted around with for a while and after some deliberation the idea to actually design some shirts was put into motion and T-Shirt Bordello was born. After all we had everything we needed, people who can can actually draw. people to handle orders and do stuff on the "inter-webs". Most importantly we had people who wanted to be a big part of something small.

What began as an idea for printing custom shirts for businesses and bands quickly evolved into the business model of no custom printing which is still in effect today.

We love what we do. We design, print and sell funny, nerdy and often unusual tees on the web. Our plan is pretty simple, We want to become an underground brand for people who think outside the "Big Box"

Our design process is simple. We use in-house talent and freelance artist to develop designs for our company. Occasionally we buy or license a design from an artist but most our stuff is custom developed for our line. Our designs are unique and you will never see them anywhere else. We only offer screen printed shirts printed right here in the USA.

We are located in Jacksonville Florida. We are a small company and we truly appreciate you business. You purchase supports a real small business, employees and their families. We are artists, printers and craftsman who love what they do and want to keep doing it.

Thank you for thinking "small"

Don Myers
Dishwasher and Chief