Android r2 T-shirt

I love love love Star Wars, specially the old, original movies ( I love the original trilogy, I just find the characters to be superb!). My favourite characters are Leia and Android R2D2 so when I saw this tshirt I was astonished and I immediately knew it was what my wardrobe needed;and I don’t regret my purchase at all !

The cloth is really nice, super soft and stretchy: it is very comfortable to wear, perhaps the most comfortable of all my shirts and I wear it on the regular. The print is not only super cute but high quality as well, it doesn’t have that plastic feel cheap shirts have, it feels really high quality and I am not afraid it will wrinkle or fall apart. The chest area might be a bit tight if you are busty but that’s OK.

All in all, a great tshirt, I might get a second one !