Cthulhu T-shirt

I am a big fan of horror, fantasy and anything that mixes the two up makes me squeal with delight. As is to be expected, I also love H. P. Lovecraft and anything Lovecraftian: Shub Niggurath, Cthulhu… So when I saw this t shirt I was so happy that I bought it right away and I don’t regret it even for a fraction of a second !

The material is really sturdy, not flimsy at all; yet very soft to the touch and very comfortable which is great because some materials can trigger my allergies (this one doesn’t) and the print is high quality, very nice and without that plastic feel most cheap t-shirts tend to have. This cthulhu t-shirt is really high quality all around so I wear it often as I am not afraid of it becoming too faded or worn, but I might get a second one anyways (just in case !)