R2D WHo Cyb3rPo T-shirt

I have always been really into sci fi stuff: space operas, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who… so when I saw this t shirt that combines two of my favourite things ever I knew I had to have it and I got it so fast I almost got whiplash from it !

I really love this tshirt: the material is really nice and comfortable, soft and not scratchy, sturdy without being big or bulky, yet not so thin that you fear it will rip apart any time… the print is not only ingenious but very nice too: it doesn’t have this plasticky feel other t shirts have and it looks like it will endure wear and tear nicely, without chipping after a couple of washes. All in all, this tshirt has already become my favourite and I only bought it a couple of weeks ago ! 10/10!