I'm Loving It T-shirt

I’m a fun loving, easy going guy so I have always been into those fun t-shirts with cheeky messages that catch everyone’s eye and make people chuckle when they see them and let me tell you man, this I’m Loving it T-shirt has gotten me so many compliments and chuckles I would wear it every day if I could (shame that my boss is so lame)

For starters the material is really nice, not scratchy or rough at all. It is actually quite stretchy and soft, almost like a pajama top without being too thin and flimsy. The print is also really nice and high quality (and hilarious). It doesn’t have that “plasticky” feel some other t-shirts have and I am not worried about it chipping or getting wrinkly after a couple of washes which is wonderful.

All in all, I love this t shirt and I encourage you to get one too !