Lion OS T-shirt

When I saw this t-shirt I squealed ! I have been into Thundercats from day one, and I love Lord a lot (and cereals are my favorite breakfast as well lol) so when I saw this t-shirt I immediately knew I had to get it…and I don’t regret it at all ! This t shirt is so wonderful I would wear it every day if I could !

The print is not only super fun and ingenious but it is also great quality, without that “crinkly” feel other cheap t-shirts have so I am not afraid to wear it often because I know it won’t fall apart after a couple of washes. The material is also really nice and soft to the touch, with a bit of a stretch and not too thin or flimsy at all (might still be a bit too cold for Winter too so wear a jacket).All in all, 10/10 !