Bistro Hannibal T-shirt

I love Hannibal, but I never found any merchandise that really caught my eye. Most Hannibal t-shirts I have seen are bland and boring, nothing new at all you see ? But then I saw this t-shirt and I was immediately in love: it is so funny and so tongue in cheek ! I bought it right away and I don’t regret it at all.

The material is really nice and soft, with a feel in the skin that I really like and it is quite stretchy to boot which makes it very comfortable and nice. The print is not only ingenious but it is clearly high quality: it’s not plasticky at all and I know it won’t wrinkle or chip after a couple of washes so I wear it as often as I can ! All in all, this t-shirt has become my favorite and I will buy a second one for my best friend who is also a Hannibal fan.