Zombie Outbreak T-shirt

I am super into Internet culture and all that implies: memes, superheroes, fantasy, and of course zombies. I love to collect stuff too but I have never been too “fashionable” or “showy” when it comes to my style: I’m a plain t shirt and jeans guy. But when I saw this zombie outbreak t shirt I suddenly had a mighty need.

I don’t regret buying it at all: the texture of the cloth is really soft and stretchy, very comfortable to wear (more than any other tshirt I have). The print is hilarious and really high quality: you can see it won’t break apart after 2 washes so I never shy out of wearing it, I wear it on the regular. In fact, I love it so much that I am considering getting a second one, and it has made me consider being more adventurous and geeky when it comes to fashion!